The concept of Branding represents the process of conveyance of a distinctive selling proposition or contrastive, that sets a commodities or a utility apart from the competition. Examples of branding approaches consist of the use of logos, straplines, slogans or mascots.


Why it is Essential ?

Branding is very beneficial for the growth of an organization or a company. But it is important for you to choose the right type of branding which is suitable for you. There are several different types of branding:-

1. Personal branding: It is about forming a public identity that perfectly communicates your individualistic personality.Personal branding occurs on social media and in face-to-face settings.

2. Product branding: Product branding is the method of branding a particular product.Product branding moulds how the world discerns your product through intentional aesthetic choices.

3. Service Branding: Service branding includes of all the activities of brand constructing in different service areas, service industries, and service endeavours. Service branding can also come in the shape of meeting particular expectations that lay a company apart from their rivals.

4. Retail Branding: Retail branding is mandatory for any business functioning in a physical location.When you walk into a brick and mortar big box, its physical semblance has a look and feel particular to that brand.

5. Corporate Branding: Corporate branding is the sequence of design choices and techniques that convey key tips about the organization, like its:
● Values

● Mission

● Price point

● Exclusivity

● Ideal consumer

6. Online Branding: Online branding is a vast category that concerns to all kinds of branding that ensues on the internet. It’s how an individual establishes themselves on social media, it’s the type of online ads a service provider coasts, it’s all the design alternatives that go into email newsletters, landing pages, responsive web structures and automated message responses